Taking environmental issues to the fore

Consumer ratings tabulated regularly show that environmental issues are very much closer to the heart of the average citizen though they are constrained to do more about it because their jobs, that give them their daily bread takes a heavy toll on their time and energies.

One of the more important environmental issues to everyone is the use of energy, which consumption is rising steadily around the world and our dependence on fossil fuels and now on nuclear energy is bringing disaster after disaster in more regularity.

The world needs to go the solar way and that has to happen sooner than later. We have been dabbling in this technology for two centuries but the right product mix has eluded us, and we are still able to harness only about 20% of the Sun’s energy from the available panels in use.

Digital marketing which has taken over from traditional marketing methods practiced over the years is in fashion today for the simple reason that technologically advanced and sophisticated communication equipment are used to take marketing messages across continents and oceans at lighting speeds, which were incomprehensible a few years ago.